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Learn from some leading experts in their field about topics that matter to small business owners.

Remote World of Work

Remote World of Work – Web Tips
Remote World of Work – Website
Remote World of Work – IT
Remote World of Work – HR

Small Business Training

Kathleen Stokes of Weaver Simmons shares her expertise about different subjects small businesses need to know about.

Minimizing Legal Problems
Bill 47

Succession Planning

Succession Planning and having an exit plan is essential.  

Every business needs to have a succession plan.  This video will answer some key questions you need to ask – What is my business really worth and is it ready to sell? What outcome am I looking for? Do I have an exit strategy and a date? Who do I need to talk to?

Succession Planning

Critical Injuries in the Workplace

Is your business prepared to deal with a critical injury in your workplace?

Critical Injuries in the Workplace

Manitoulin Trade Fair

Manitoulin Trade Fair 2019

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