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Exporting & Importing

Discover the basics of doing business in other countries. Whether you’re exporting,
importing, or investing abroad, learn how to take part in these international trade activities.

Exporting >
Importing >

E-business, the use of the Internet as a business tool, is a major component of growth. Whether you plan to create an online store, use the Internet to process payments or to communicate with your customers, any plans you may have to grow your business should take the mass potential of the Internet into account.

Developing Your Website >
Uses for e-Business >
Online Sales >

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Market Research and Statistics

Discover what market research is and how to create an effective market research campaign. You will also find numerous information resources and statistics that you can use to learn more about your industry, your customers and the markets you serve. This information can ultimately help you to make informed decisions that can maximize the potential of your business.

Conducting market research >
Labour and employment data >
Demographics >
Industry sector data >
Canadian economy >
International markets >
Importing and exporting >
Environment >
General research and statistics >

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Marketing and Sales

You put your heart and soul into your company because you love what you do. Your efforts should be rewarded in the form of profit.

How well you market your business and interact with your customers can vastly influence your success. Whether you’re starting a new business venture or revisiting your existing marketing strategy, this section covers marketing from the ground up. You’ll find information and resources that will help place your products and services at the forefront of your current and future customers’ minds.

The Marketing Basics section will provide you with a nuts-and-bolts overview of marketing, covering topics such as:

Marketing Basics >

If you’re looking for marketing resources, the sections Promoting and advertising your business and Sales and customer relationship management offer a number of assets that may be helpful to you, including:

Promoting and Advertising Your Business >
Sales and Customer Relationship Management >

If you’re interested in marketing your products or services to a federal, provincial, territorial or foreign government, the Selling to governments section will help get you started.

Selling to governments >

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Regulations, Licences and Permits

Learn about regulations, permits and licences that apply to your business.

Registering Your Business >
Permits and licences >
Regulations for specific business activities >
Regulated industries >
Regulatory change >
Standards >

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Starting a Business

Want to be your own boss? The idea of starting your own business is appealing to a lot of people and it can be very rewarding. However, a lot of new businesses fail. This information will help you plan for a successful start to your entrepreneurship journey.

Is entrepreneurship for you? >
Developing your ideas >
Developing your business plan >
Buy a business or start your own? >
Corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship? >
Financing your business >
Choosing and setting up a location >
Checklists and guides for starting a business >

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Succession Planning

Every business needs a succession plan.

Success Planning Guide

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