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Community Economic Development


The Community Economic Development approach takes a broad-based look at future needs and opportunities within local communities. In all activities and services they undertake, CFDCs are guided by CED principles. Not just about attracting big business to the area, CED principles mean working to assist leaders in small communities in enhancing the prosperity in the region through projects in a variety of sectors, as wide-ranging as tourism products and marketing, natural resource restoration, telecommunications service enhancement and new industry development.


Summarized, LAMBAC's mandate is to assist existing projects and opportunities to succeed wherever they can be of benefit to the local economy.



LAMBAC continues to be as successful today as it has been throughout its twenty year history in working to facilitate regional partnerships in our development work.


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Presentations at Northeast CFDC Conference, North Bay, Ontario - November 2012

  • What's New in Tourism - presented by Celes Davar, President Earth Rhythms
  • Northeastern Ontario Tourism Product Development Project - presented by John Foster, LAMBAC


Presentations from Tourism Training Workshops available below - March 2012