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LaCloche Manitoulin Community Vision Statement:

Our five year goal for LaCloche Manitoulin is to measurably improve the financial and social conditions of our communities by empowering people to create and support profitable businesses while also respecting the environmental, historical, social and cultural features of our region.

 View/download our LAMBAC Community Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Core Values:

  1. Our Unique Identity - We appreciate the values of a healthy personal lifestyle, balanced and beautiful natural environment, safe and vibrant community life, and our unique history in this region.
  2. Vibrant Economy - We value a diverse and developing economy and wish to encourage and support our business sectors and consumers.
  3. Healthy Communities - We appreciate a spirit of volunteer effort, community stewardship, cultural diversity, and pride in our homes, farms and businesses. We welcome the talents and creativity brought to our region by those who share our vision.


Our Coverage Area

LAMBAC serves the communities on Highway 17 from Nairn Centre to Walford, those on Highway 6 through Espanola down to and including all of Manitoulin Island, and the town of Killarney. The First Nations communities in this area are served by our sister CFDC Waubetek.